In 2009

Robby Kojetin overcame all odds and reached the summit of Mount Everest on the 23 May 2009, making him the 17th South African, since 1953 to achieve this feat.

Climbing 8,848m above sea level was the culmination of a 14-year old dream for this mountain climber.

The exhausted but elated Robby Kojetin stood on the summit of Mount Everest, the world’s highest mountain, for all those who face tremendous obstacles in overcoming cancer.

He undertook this climb to raise awareness of Lymphoma naming it, his Climb of Hope.

In 2010

After summiting Everest, he thought, the next best thing to do for Lymphoma


awareness was to take a Lymphoma survivor climbing.

Since he had summited Mount. Kilimanjaro (Africa’s highest peak), four times, he knew he could find a survivor to climb with him.

Robby lost a close friend and mentor to Lymphoma more than a decade ago. This is what led to his passion for the cause.

For Robby, climbing is about adventure and the challenges of each unique trip. Very similar to the challenge one faces when diagnosed with cancer.

Robby believes that more should be done to raise awareness of this disease and its symptoms, so people know what to look out for and to then seek appropriate treatment soonest.