Monday 3 May

The Team, who were scheduled to depart on Saturday at midnight, were delayed and only managed to get away at 13H30 on Sunday.  They arrived in Tanzania at midnight, a whopping 24 hours since booking in at Johannesburg! With precious little sleep our Team needed to dig deep.

The expedition commenced in wet weather with a humidity factor of 54% and cloud cover.  Maximum temperature of 31 degrees.  Rain was forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday as well. With the ground soggy underfoot the guys and gal will be happy they were fitted with Hi-Tec footwear. The first leg to Umbwe Caves, an ascent of 1490 meters over 18km, is mostly through rain forests and takes approximately 7 hours to complete, with much needed rest at day’s end.

Nothing these survivors can’t cope with, mind you.


Wednesday 5 May

The K-way gear should keep them snug as they slowly approach the freezing level at 4850 meters where sub-zero is the norm. Our Team has known adversity before; they have the courage and mental fortitude required. They are out there facing a challenge and living a dream. They have earned our respect, every ...dusty, cold, exhausted step of the way.  For all Cancer survivors and especially for Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma survivors, these individuals are a shining example of what can be done.

Through the trauma and the struggle of life and death, we should stop and take a look at the is beautiful. 18cm of snow predicted for Thursday evening but will be covered until Friday....forecast is for clouds clearing towards Saturday....lets hope!


Friday 7 May

Message from Robby - " All in camp. Leave for summit tonight. Everyone doing well. No incidents." the team is expected to summit at about 7am (SA time) Good Luck for the final push! GO TEAM!




Sunday 9 May

The team is making their way from Millenium camp to the mountain gate and from there to the hotel.

We are sure that they will have a new appreciation for a hot bath and a comfortable bed.


Tuesday 4 May

Spirits were high as The Team completed the first day’s hike in 7 hours. Tuesday’s hike took them to an altitude of 3500m. This gave our survivors the opportunity to experience some altitude while not being exposed for too long, allowing them time to acclimatise.  At this stage of the climb Robby will caution the rest of The Team to take it slow. Because of the quick onset of altitude sickness, climbers often feel good and push on only to be caught in the latter stages of the climb.

We were unable to make contact with the team till late the afternoon, when we got word that they were safely at Machame Camp, 3000m. This hike would have pushed The Team into unchartered territory as they would have exceeded their altitude comfort zone. With Robby’s experience to guide them, I am sure they would have ended strong.


Thursday 6 May

Received a quick update that the team is on top of the Baranco Wall, 4100m.  It’s the first time they are seeing sun since they commenced the hike.  The temperature is around 6 degrees and all team members are still strong.

They will be attempting the summit on Saturday, departing at midnight on Friday.

We are with them, every step of the way in Spirit!!





Saturday 8 May

Good news all round.  The entire team reached the summit at 07h30, and in true South African soccer spirit style, proceeded to dance the diski, blow the vuvuzela and kick the soccer ball (Kiliball).  So it took them an hour to find the soccer ball, but all’s well that ends well.

They have started the trek down the mountain to Millenium Camp.


Monday 10 May

After an early morning start, the team will be transferred back to the airport to catch the Kenya Airways flight at 06:00 am back to Johannesburg (flying via Nairobi), which is scheduled for arrival at 12:20 (local SA time), Terminal A, OR Tambo International airport.


Team of Hope at the summit. Ilse taking a jump for joy.
Kili ball, the highest soccer ball in Africa. The long trek up Kili...
Team of hope taking a break. The view on the way.
Ilse at the summit. Robby at the summit.
Beautiful scenery Team of Hope welcome at OR Tambo Airport.